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Take Your Motorcycling to the Next Level with Professional Instruction

Whether you have just started your motorcycling journey or it’s been a lifelong passion, our tailored courses can help riders of any skill level to make significant improvements.

At 121 MotoSkills, we are here every step on the way on your journey to becoming the best motorcyclist you can be.

Provisional License Holders

We can coach new motorcycle riders who have completed compulsory basic training (CBT) and want more coaching before they get the last part of their license. Our mission is to empower riders with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the roads safely and confidently. 

We understand the nuances of motorcycling and are dedicated to providing personalized coaching tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether you’re looking to refine your handling techniques, improve your awareness of road hazards, or enhance your overall riding proficiency, our comprehensive training programs are designed to help you achieve your goals with precision and expertise.

Full License Holders

At 121 Moto Skills, we understand that obtaining a motorbike license is a significant milestone, and we recognize the importance of building upon the foundation laid during initial training. Our specialized coaching goes beyond the basic requirements, offering comprehensive instruction and practical guidance to ensure that riders feel fully prepared for the road ahead. 

With a focus on safety, confidence, and skill development, our tailored approach equips riders with the tools they need to navigate various road conditions and scenarios with ease. If you’re seeking additional practice with maneuvers, refining your control and balance, or honing your decision-making abilities, we’re here to support your journey towards becoming a proficient and responsible motorcyclist.


Simple rates for riders of all levels.

1 to 1 Training (All Levels)

+£30 if we go to your location (50 Mile radius of Huntly Aberdeenshire, Scotland)


Why Us?

Advanced Training

Not your bog standard lessons. We will teach you advanced riding techniques, for example those used by police riders.


Unlike almost all other schools, we are unique in that we can meet you at a convenient location, even at your home.


We always employ the safest instructing techniques, whilst also teaching you the safest way to enjoy riding your motorcycle.

Quality Guaranteed

Don't settle for any less than the best. I'm a Qualified DVSA Instructor & Advanced Motorcycle Coach with Masters Distinction Award.


Have a question? Check out the info below.

Clients need to have completed either CBT or hold a full licence.

We do not offer CBT. But we can train beginners as long as they have completed a CBT. 

Clients need to bring / use there own helmet and motorcycle attire.

Provisional licence holders will be taught theory and practical work to get them prepared for doing the direct access course (full licence). Full licence holders can be taught advanced roadcraft or just a general brush up of road use or slow manoeuvre practice sessions 

We don’t provide off-road or track training.


Sessions available are either 2,3,4,5 or six hour options.

Yes we can train up to 2 trainees at a time.

1:1 coaching offers the benefits of a tailored approach and client centred learning. As opposed to a rigid syllabus done in groups, we offer clients training that is suited to them and their needs. It also means we can focus on them more fully and provide much better feedback and training to help them progress to the best of their abilities. 

Our insurance covers US ONLY. The clients must have their own motorcycle insurance on their on motorcycle.

We are able to travel anywhere within Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen city area. If clients are further away, as long as they are happy to travel to us we can train them.

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